Vision, Mission & Values

Create and promote international standard manpower solution for both employee and employer and find the global
opportunities for them as per their need. Employment skill to youths does directly contribute on sustainable national development through lessening of unemployment, enhanced economic activities, improved educational and social order.

Hence imparting of appropriate vocational skills to youths is very important for Nepal’s overall development.

Our mission is to explore the local and international job opportunities for Nepalese aspiring career and employment in abroad and local market.

Integrity:- We value responsible, accountable, ethical behavior in an atmosphere of honest, open communication, and with mutual respect

Collaborative Partnerships:- We value partnership with business, industry, labor, government, educational systems, and our communities

Innovation:- We value creativity, responsible risk-taking and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas

Continuous Improvement:- We value continuous improvement of our programs, services and processess through employee empowerment and professional development in a team-based culture

Customer Focus:- We value our internal and external customers and actively work to meet their needs

Diversity:- We value an educational environment that attracts and supports a diverse student / staff community and fosters global awareness

Sustainability:- We value the responsible use of resources to achieve balance among social, economic and environmental practices.